About Us

Come & Take It Apparel is fueled by our passion and blind loyalty for the schools that we love. We firmly believe that although the memories of those majestic places we all called home might fade, our love will never waver. We were shaped by these campuses, taught to love our fight songs, and learned the meaning of pride every time we put on our team's colors. But let's be honest with ourselves. Ditch the college polo that fits like a popped can of biscuits and don something that will make your feet stand out like a majestic griffin flying through the night sky wearing collegiate branded dress socks.

Whether you are sitting in a board room, standing proudly for you team, drinking ice cold refreshments while tossing washers or floating down the Guadalupe in a speedo, Come & Take It Apparel's number one goal is to provide our fellow man the opportunity to continue to defend their cannon no matter the situation. We bleed our colors and we hope you do to...now go defend the cannon! #defenthecannon.

Come & Take It Management